Without IT

I was told to rest and take painkillers in the days following the surgery.  I found the wound under my arm far more painful than where IT had been removed.  I was also advised to wear a very soft bra (not underwired) for support.  I was very pleased with the result of the surgery, the small cut that was made and where it was.  I can hardly see it now.

After about a week, I developed a Seroma under my arm which is a build-up of fluid caused by tissue removed by surgery which was really uncomfortable.  I had to go to hospital so that a Breast Care Nurse could drain the fluid off with a needle and syringe and I had to have this done two or three times.

I was also advised to do exercises to help the arm affected by the lymph node removal recover more quickly and to relieve pain and stiffness.  They only took a few minutes each day, but because I felt so tired, it was such an effort.  Even doing them while lying on the sofa was a challenge!  I did persist though and they did help with the pain.

After a few weeks, I started to feel a lot better and we even managed to have a holiday in Scotland which was brilliant.  It was a nice break before the major treatment began and that’s another story yet to be told!  Richard throughout it all was, and still is, the greatest support I could have ever wished for.

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